About Us

Bits and Bobbins provides you with handmade and curated magical accessories. Perfect for your geeky heart.

About the Creator: Hi! I am Kayleen an adventurous gryffindor.  I learned how to sew when I was seven years old at a "kids can sew" club. Most little girls were taking ballet or piano and I was sewing. I got my first sewing machine years later when my husband came home with a free sewing machine which he got at an auction.

Now I sew and create pieces that make me happy and hopefully will make you happy to. I use fandoms, colours and styles that I would always personally wear and get my inspiration from nature, comfort, movies and imagination.

Pretty much all the fabric in the shop was purchased from other small Canadian businesses or small custom shops. So when you support Bits and Bobbins you are also helping me support other small buissnesses. 

Most of my items are handmade, created and designed by me in my small sewing space at home. Some items in my shop are curated and hand selection by me for you. I choose items that I love or bring me joy which I hope you will also love and enjoy. 

Thanks for visiting my shop, I hope it inspires you a little too.